When Babylon Takes Over (I Chronicles 9:1) (Genesis 10: 8-11)

Babylon comes from the Hebrew word Babel which means confusion or to jumble, because there the languages of human beings got changed by the trinity of God. Because of man’s rebellion against the Almighty after the flood. The starter of this movement was Nimrod son of Cush descendant of Ham son of Noah. Nimrod (rebel) was the first giant born after the flood, the Bible describes him as a mighty hunter and warrior against the Lord (the original) according to Genesis 10: 8-9. According to Genesis 10: 10-11 he built kingdoms in Assyria and surrounding areas like Nineveh. He had a lot of followers because he was the first mighty man, meaning the first giant after the flood, he was a powerful leader who had much influence over the people of his time according to Scripture and ancient documents like clay tablets found by historians like Josephus compared to not only the Bible but also different books recorded in history like the Epic of Gilgamesh.

After the flood came, people feared God for they knew by the descendants of Noah that God had destroyed humanity because people where evil in all their ways and where destroying themselves, Giants where ruling in all depravity (humanity got contaminated with angels which produced giants according to Genesis 6, this was an act of rebellion against God’s perfect creation for every created kind must’ve stayed within its kind). This sinful seed of rebellion was in Nimrod descendant of Ham son of Noah. He started to question God’s authority over earth and the act of God sending a flood to earth eradicating his descendants, he started telling people to rebel against God, for them to seek their own happiness with their own courage and strength without God, because people had fear of God because of the flood, he started to govern with tyranny and oppression and submitted the people to him through fear. All mankind spoke one language then which made everything much easier for Nimrod’s rebellion against God and he started to build a tower that reached the heavens to defy God daring him to send a flood again to see if the waters will reach his tower but God showed himself off again to mankind and confused the languages of man so that they could not build the tower and the city and dispersed mankind throughout the earth.

Although the languages where confused and God showed mankind his Kingship over them, the seed of rebellion it’s still very much alive in the hearts of man, we can see this throughout history. For their languages where changed but not their hearts. All mankind was corrupted and had set their eyes in idolatry, turned away from God but in the middle of all this mess God knowingly raises up a nation for himself and sets it apart and commands them not be mixed with other nations to preserve his seed Jesus Christ, and shows them his ways and who he is, to bring forth the seed that will bring back mankind from his wicked ways, now not changing a language but writing the law in the hearts of man to changed them from within to bring them back to their original state, mankind created and dependent of the Creator in a relationship with Him. For rebellion brings slavery to mankind it blinds them to a point of destruction among themselves. The people of Israel who were chosen by God to bring forth his seed of redemption (Jesus the Christ) many times rebelled against God, God would bless them and they would make idols with God’s provision and geared away completely from God’s law and commandments for a fruitful life, they became arrogant, God would warned them but they were wicked in their ways, God would send them prophets like Jeremiah and they would make fun of him and hurt him, they would ask for prophets that would tickle their ears so they didn’t have to turn away from their wicked ways and feel comfortable with their sin. According to the book of Isiah 9: 8-13 they stated that they would become strong again building stronger walls with bricks without the help of the Almighty just like Nimrod tried with bricks and as Satan who stated in Isaiah 14: 13-14 I will ascend into heaven,

I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will also sit on the mount of the congregation, On the farthest sides of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High. His sentence according to verse 14 Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol, To the lowest depths of the Pit. God took away their protection and they were destroyed and took captive to Babylon there young man and women where converted into eunuchs and concubines shown a new language and given a new identity for they changed their name, and taught them a different way. They enslaved them and cut their reproduction to serve the king. This is what happens when the people of God losses its vision and start gearing away from his law, Babylon cuts the reproduction of their young generation, gives them a new identity and tries to change the truth in them. This is what the church is experiencing today, the church has turned away from God and its reproduction has become ever more slower its real prophets have been ridiculed and consider ancient to accommodate a more modern way of thinking trying to change biblical truth omitting God’s warning to mankind to turn away from their wicked ways and turn to Jesus who can save them from the bondage of sin. This have brought on to us slavery to the point where we cannot say Jesus or God in a public place because people get offended, but in the middle of this mess I am firm believer and as prophet of the most high I know that God its preparing people all over the world with hearts like Jeremiah, Daniel and his friends, Queen Esther and many more who would not bow down to this Babylonian system of rebellion. I believe God is about do a deep cleaning on his church. He is about to separate the wheat from the straw and it’s not going to look very attractive for God will destroy what is already established, clean up the ruins and rebuild on the foundation of Jesus Christ once more(Jeremiah 23: 9-40) (Jeremiah 31:28). For he cannot pour new wine in old wine skins for they shall break (Luke 5:37-39). God will replace Saul for David and Eli for Samuel.

By Pastor Karen Seshia, The Prophet That Sings

Bethsaida Apostolic Ministries, HealingTheNeed.com

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